I have hurt my back…

Yes, I regret that I ignored the signs which I got for the past 3 to 4 months. The day before the disaster took place. I was about to go to my class, I got up from my chair and a severe pain ran through my lower back making it impossible to stand or take... Continue Reading →

Ocimum tenuiflorum or tulsi

Ocimum tenuiflorum or Tulsi is a sacred plant. It has been mentioned in Skandapuran that some of the drops of nectar fell on the earth during the process of Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean). Tulsi bloomed out of those drops. It was handed over to Shri Vishnu by Shri Bramha. Tulsi is liked by Shri Vishnu and hence it is specially offered... Continue Reading →

Birth of my sibling.

The birth of a sibling is received by different kids in different ways, right!I was eagerly waiting for the arrival. On my visit to my parent's house, I used to accompany my mother to a gyno. But when he was born, I was at Mulund, 2 hours away from him. Immediately we left for Borivali.... Continue Reading →

The Idiotic box

Would you be able to envision and accept that our childhood was spent without television, fridge, AC, phone/ mobile , PC/laptop and so on? To put it plainly, our life was extravagant with no lavish things. Indeed, all the above things were viewed as luxurious items.We had a radio at my grandparent's home. We used... Continue Reading →

Bal Sanskar

The values which are instilled in you during your childhood has never-ending impact on you, right!I was a Swadhyayee, we had Satsang each Sunday in the temple close to my home at Mulund, where I lived with my grandparents. It was a Shivalinga temple. In the garbhagriha (the room where the idol or symbol of... Continue Reading →

The Swadhyayee

I believe at least once in our life span we must introspect ourselves, to know the truth and intention of being born as a human, which connects us with other species on earth or else we become selfish and try to accomplish everything around us in search of material happiness without even realising that it's... Continue Reading →

Calotropis gigantea

Have you ever realised that your religion has a solution to all the problems we come across in life? It's the age-old tried and tested methods followed from generations.As mentioned in my blog on Hanuman, I had mentioned that he is offered the leaves and flowers of rui ( Calotropis gigantea)Let's take a look at... Continue Reading →

Omnipotent Hanuman

मनोजवम् मारुततुल्यवेगम्, जितेन्द्रियम् बुदि्धमताम् वरिष्ठम् ।।वातात्मजम् वानरयूथमुख्यम्, श्रीरामदूतम् शरणम् प्रपद्ये ।।Meaning :One who travels at the speed of mind is as fast as the wind, has mastery over His senses, is supreme amongst all intellectuals, is a son of Deity Vayu, is chief of community of monkeys and is an emissary of Shriram, I surrender... Continue Reading →


Do parents need to pick up parenting skills? I never saw my parents learning it. It was an instinct to mould the behaviour of a kid or possibly the monetary circumstance and experience that caused them to do it. I was encouraged to believe that you never get all the things you desire, in life.... Continue Reading →

My childhood memories

 On a Thursday, 44 years back while in labour my mother was bothered by a nurse in the clinic," While doing you delighted in, now bear the pain". She was simply 19years old while bringing forth an impromptu child. I want to slap that nurse, whenever I recall the above words described by my mother.... Continue Reading →

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