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Fire is one of the most powerful of the elements, and when we tap into its energy, we bring alive a sense of transformation within ourselves. 

Bura na mano holi hai

Holi is a festival that guides us on the path of embracing sattvik nature by eliminating evil and bad thoughts in one's mind. The aim is to purify the environment by offering oblation in the form of dry wood to the fire.I remember how holi was lit in front of the shiva temple next to... Continue Reading →

This is how I met my life partner.

I had left my grandparent's house, Navodaya school, Mulund, and had shifted to Borivali to stay with my parents. For time being the builder had given us a flat with one room kitchen in A wing and we were asked to wait till the completion of D wing. He had an account in my dad's... Continue Reading →

The Wilderness v/s the refined world

When we stay in the concrete world we automatically get separated from our world of origin- the green world. We overprotect ourselves from the wild world that sudden encounter makes us bizarre to understand how to tackle the situation. So either we harm them or kill them by depriving them of their natural right to... Continue Reading →

Celebration of Festivals in Mumbai

People in villages are more connected to being traditionally attached to their customs and rituals than the people who migrate to cities. City people are like rootless weeds coming from nowhere, settling in an unknown destination. Few bring their tradition, others don't and many enjoy all customs and traditions brought by the immigrants. The chawl... Continue Reading →


It's for sure 90% of us, whether male or female have come across frotteurs in our life. Who are they? They are the ones who are engaged in frotteurism. Now, what's that? It's an act of rubbing one's genitalia against another person, usually that of a stranger. It is non-consensual and is considered a psychiatric... Continue Reading →

A curse by the sun…

Being in the tropical region if anyone has vitamin D depletion then it should be called the curse of the sun. Right?Pain that ran down my spinal cord was due to a deficiency of vitamin D( that's what my medical report showed) I was advised certain medication and a few minutes of exposure to Sunlight... Continue Reading →

I have hurt my back…

Yes, I regret that I ignored the signs which I got for the past 3 to 4 months. The day before the disaster took place. I was about to go to my class, I got up from my chair and a severe pain ran through my lower back making it impossible to stand or take... Continue Reading →

Ocimum tenuiflorum or tulsi

Ocimum tenuiflorum or Tulsi is a sacred plant. It has been mentioned in Skandapuran that some of the drops of nectar fell on the earth during the process of Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean). Tulsi bloomed out of those drops. It was handed over to Shri Vishnu by Shri Bramha. Tulsi is liked by Shri Vishnu and hence it is specially offered... Continue Reading →

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